Bill Pay Manager Update

January, 2012

Dear BillPay Customer:

West Texas State Bank is pleased to announce a new and improved method of paying your bills online.

On Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012, we will convert to a system called Bill Pay Manager that will provide you with an easier, more convenient way for the bank to pay your monthly bills electronically.

In order to install this upgrade in services, the current BillPay function will be disabled and unavailable to users beginning at 7 a.m. on Jan. 11. At 3 p.m. on the same day, the new Bill Pay Manager will be available through the familiar "Bill Payment" Online Banking link.

Your current BillPay data will map over to the new system automatically quite well. However, we ask that you verify the primary account to be used to pay bills. If you use more than one funding account, after conversion to Bill Pay Manager, you should go into Payment Manager, select Funding Account List and indicate which account is to be used as the default account from which bills will be paid unless otherwise directed. Also, be advised that the Payee "Nickname" field will be truncated to 32 characters and the Payee "Address Line 3" field will be dropped.

The conversion to Bill Pay Manager will also require a short blackout period during which payment history, including pending payments, will not be viewable. You will be able to access full payment history again after three business days, on Tuesday, Jan. 17.

If you use the new system during the blackout period, it may appear that the payments you submit have not been processed, but don't try to re-do the payment as it may result in double-posting. Verification of the payment can be seen when history is re-loaded on Jan. 17.

To avoid the temporary inconvenience of this conversion, you may want to pay your bills this month before Jan. 11, using the current BillPay system.

If you would like to have an early look at the new Bill Pay Manager, take a test drive through this link: or follow the link on the upper left corner of the West Texas State Bank website home page. Please call (866)564-7329 or any West Texas State Bank branch if you have any questions about Bill Pay Manager. We appreciate your business. Thank you for your co-operation.

Frank E. Heslin, Jr.
Senior Vice President



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