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Report of Condition
  West Texas State Bank    
  As of Period Ending 12/31/2015
      Dollars in thousands
Cash and balances due from depository institutions:    
  Non-interest-bearing balances and currency and coin 10,136
  Interest-bearing balances   46,834
  Held-to-maturity securities   4,690
  Available-for-sale securities   74,015
  Federal funds sold     6,645
  Securities purchased under agreements to resell   0
Loans and lease financing receivables:    
  Loans and leases held for sale   0
  Loans and leases, net of unearned income 255,929  
  Less: Allowance for loan and lease losses 8,038  
  Loans and leases, net of unearned income and allowance 247,891
Trading Assets       6,362
Premises and Fixed Assets     4,252
Other Real Estate Owned     4,040
Investments in unconsolidated subsidiaries and associated companies 294
Customers' liability to this bank on acceptances outstanding   0
Intangible assets:        
  Goodwill       370
  Other intangible assets     172
Other assets       13,538
Total Assets       419,239
In domestic offices       374,873
  Non-interest bearing   216,130  
  Interesting bearing   158,744  
Federal funds purchased       0
Securities sold under agreements to repurchase   0
Trading liabilities       0
Other borrowed moneys) 0
Bank's liability on acceptance executed and outstanding   0
Subordinated notes and debentures     0
Other liabilities       2,510
Total liabilities       377,383
Minority interest in consolidated subsidiaries   0
Equity Capital        
Perpetual preferred stock and related surpluss   0
Common stock       1,000
Surplus (exclude all surplus related to preferred stock)   15,000
Retained earnings       26,569
Accumulated other comprehensive income   (713)
Other equity capital components     0
Total bank equity capital     41,856
Minority interest in consolidated subsidiaries       0
Total equity capital       41,856
Total liabilities, minority interest, and equity capital   419,239



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